How do I install GMS on Mate 30 Pro?

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Is GMS available on Huawei?

Unlike sideloading APKs directly to your Huawei smartphone, which won’t work as the device doesn’t support GMS natively, GBox virtualizes your Huawei smartphone as a different model and lets you sign in to those apps to your Google account.

How do I install GMS on Huawei harmony OS?

  1. Download the ZIP file (if the links are no longer working, let me know)
  2. Extract “”
  3. Copy foler “111” onto your computer C drive root directory.
  4. Copy “huawei” folder onto your mobile/tablet device root directory.
  5. Copy the balance files to somewhere in your mobile/tablet device (wherever you like)

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Can HarmonyOS run Google?

Will HarmonyOS Support Google Play Services? As mentioned above, you can still download Android apps on HarmonyOS, but Google’s apps, such as Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube, will not run on HarmonyOS.

Can I install GMS on mate 40 pro?

Senior Member. On P40 pro you can install GMS.

Can you install Android apps on HarmonyOS?

You don’t really have a way to “port” your Android app to HarmonyOS, therefore, you need to develop an app that works on this OS. HarmonyOS features an IDE, and you can use it to create apps that will work for a multitude of devices. You can deploy your app to different devices using this multi-device IDE.

Will APK work on HarmonyOS?

Will Android apps run on HarmonyOS? Yes. Well, to the same extent that Huawei’s recent Android devices do, which is to say that any apps that don’t rely on Google Mobile Services will run fine.

Can Android APK run on HarmonyOS?

Huawei has built HarmonyOS with Android branches (libraries, supported frameworks) that help the HarmonyOS users to run Android applications, as the HM OS app ecosystem is still growing and native apps are low in numbers.

Is HarmonyOS same as EMUI?

HarmonyOS is a prime Huawei operating system that deserves to be at the top of the mobile software system world. On the other hand, EMUI 12 has been introduced with a user interface that perfectly copies HarmonyOS in many aspects including the Control Panel features.

Does mate 30 Pro get HarmonyOS?

Huawei Mate 30 Pro August 2022 HarmonyOS update expands to more users. Recently, Huawei released the August 2022 HarmonyOS update for its Mate 30 Pro users, and now the company is expanding the update to cover more users of this high-end smartphone.

Is HarmonyOS better than Android?

But the firm built HarmonyOS operating system and it seems to get back on track. Because, Android is not providing high-end security to users, as a result, Android phones can be hacked easily. Notably, if users switch to Hauwei from Android then they never miss their old worth phone.

What replaces Google on Huawei?

Huawei has not replaced Google, its smartphones run on gutted Android 11.

Can Huawei survive without Google?

If there was any other company in place of Huawei, it would have been turned into ashes. But this tech giant is quite headstrong to get defeated. So yes, Huawei has survived a world without Google. The company has proven that it is capable of building up new and advanced solutions.

Will Huawei Google ban be lifted?

Is the ban on Huawei lifted? No, although Donald Trump is no longer president, his executive order remains in effect. Huawei is still releasing flagship devices in Europe and Asia, but they are not available in the United States.

Did Huawei get Google back?

“Will Huawei bring back Google apps for new Huawei phones?” Currently, the answer is no, because Huawei is focusing on building the HMS ecosystem and it has not received any node from the U.S. commerce department to get back GMS support. So for now, the answer is straight NO!

Does Huawei have Google in 2022?

Once a smartphone powerhouse globally, Huawei is now fighting for a slice of the pie even in its home country. That said, the tech maker is still very much inclined towards launching new phones internationally, even though they don’t come with Google services.

Why was Google removed in Huawei?

Popular Google apps such as Gmail, YouTube and the Chrome browser that are available through Google’s Play Store will disappear from future Huawei handsets as those services are not covered by the open source license and require a commercial agreement with Google.

Is it okay to buy Huawei phone now?

There is no evidence to suggest that Huawei phones are less secure than their rivals simply because they’re a Chinese firm. However, the user experience on Huawei devices is different thanks to their own HarmonyOS and App Gallery with no access to Google apps.

Who has banned Huawei?

Three of Canada’s partners in the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance — the United States, Britain and Australia — have already taken decisive steps to curb the use of Huawei gear in their countries’ respective 5G networks.

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