What kind of prosecco goes in Aperol Spritz?

Like all sparkling wine, Prosecco comes in varying levels of sweetness. We’d recommend using a brut (meaning dry/less sweet) Prosecco, so your Aperol Spritz isn’t too sweet. Italian aperitifs are traditionally bitter rather than sweet.

Can you substitute cava or prosecco in Aperol Spritz?

Dry prosecco is the traditional choice for an authentic Aperol Spritz. It’s usually a bit on the sweeter side, which pairs so nicely with the bitter Aperol. However, you can substitute it for cava, champagne or another type of sparkling wine – even a non-alcoholic version.

Do Italians actually drink Aperol Spritz?

Aperol Spritz is a classic Italian cocktail and the most popular aperitivo drink in Italy.

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What is the most famous drink in Italy?

Here are the six most popular Italian drinks and beverages highlighted below:
  • Aperitivo. Aperitivo is known to be an excellent drink that prepares the digestive system before one sits down for a delicious Italian dinner.
  • Negroni. This famous Italian drink has an interesting history.
  • Campari.
  • Americano.
  • Bellini.
  • Spritz.

Is an Aperol Spritz healthy?

While the water/ soda in this cocktail has zero calories, the prosecco has roughly 65 calories and the aperol has about 135 for a total of 200 calories per cocktail. The overall taste is light and refreshing but the aperol does have a decent bit of sugar in it so I wouldn’t consider this a low calorie drink.

Why does everyone in Italy drink Aperol Spritz?

is an Italian aperitif, originally created in 1919 by bartender Raimondo Ricci. The drink was invented as a means to combat the heat and humidity of Italy’s summer months.

What do Italians call an Aperol Spritz?

This drink is also called Spritz Veneziano or just Veneziano). Many Venetian towns had their own specific version of this drink. In the last decade, the Aperol Spritz with Prosecco has become the most popular type served in Italy.

What kind of person drinks Aperol Spritz?

Quality ingredients and flavour are the top two answers, but while 1 in 4 women like the Spritz’s aesthetics, for a similar number of men (27%) its key attraction is its relatively low price. Men (75%) are also more likely to consider drinking it throughout the year than women (67%).

What country is known for Aperol Spritz?

Aperol is an Italian bitter apéritif made of gentian, rhubarb and cinchona, among other ingredients. It has a vibrant orange hue. Its name comes from apero, an Italian slang word for apéritif (aperitivo).


ManufacturerCampari Group
Country of originPadua, Italy
Alcohol by volume11%

How alcoholic is Aperol Spritz?

Aperol Spritz is a low alcohol aperitif

With an alcohol percentage of just 11%, Aperol Spritz is a great choice if you’re choosing to moderate your drinking. You could even pair it with a non-alcoholic sparkling wine to keep this popular aperitif super low!

Can you drink Aperol Spritz on its own?

Aperol really does not need any mixer or addition added to it and its light flavor makes it perfect for just that. This is not like drinking other liquor straight up that may be too overpowering. Aperol makes a great drink to sip in its pure form without any harsh bite.

Do Aperol Spritz have a lot of alcohol?

How much alcohol is in an Aperol Spritz? Alcohol content is less than 11%. Aperol itself is 11%, as is most prosecco. When you add soda water and ice, you’re knocking ABV down significantly.

How strong is Prosecco?

The strength of prosecco is usually around 12%, which means that it contains 12% pure alcohol. That’s around the same amount of alcohol typically found in other sparkling wines, like champagne or cava.

Is Aperol Spritz stronger than wine?

It has the bitter taste of an aperitif or digestif, yet at a sessionable 11 percent alcohol by volume, it’s similar to a low-alcohol wine or a high-alcohol beer. Unless you happen to be buying your Aperol in Germany, that is. In Germany, all Aperol is 15 percent alcohol by volume.

How fattening is Aperol Spritz?

Aperol Spritz Calories

There are only 158 calories in this refreshing drink! Sure, it’s not as low as some ( champagne rings in right around 100 calories a glass, but it’s also an ounce smaller per serving), but not nearly as bad as some of my other summer favorites, like sangria or margaritas.

Is Aperol Spritz a night drink?

Light, refreshing with a unique bittersweet taste, Aperol Spritz is the perfect drink to start the evening and now you can enjoy an Aperol Spritz anywhere in the world with our official recipe.

Can I have an Aperol Spritz and drive?

If you are drinking any amount of alcohol on a night out – even one drink – you should leave the car at home and make alternative arrangements – such as getting a bus, taxi, designated driver or get someone to pick you up.

Does prosecco have sugar?

Prosecco is known to be one of the less calorific drinks available with a traditional glass holding around 1.5g of sugar per glass (80 calories).

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