What is Matas in Denmark?

Matas was established in 1949 as a chain of independent materialists and is now Denmark’s largest beauty, personal care and health products retailer. Matas Group is headquartered in Allerød and has been listed on the Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen Stock Exchange since 2013.

What does Matas sell?

The new Matas MediCare concept is introduced. This new ground breaking section offers a wide range of products within derma-cosmetic skin care, over-the-counter medicines as well as first aid and veterinary preparations. The chain now includes 292 stores.

What does the name Matas mean?

Origin of Matas

The name has its root in the Hebrew Matityah, which is derived from mattīthyāh (gift of God).

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What does the word Matas mean?

bunches of flowers, the ~ Noun.

What does Matta mean in slang?

Noun. matta f (plural matte) madwoman; female equivalent of matto.

What does Mata mean in Greek?

“Eyes” in Greek is μάτια matia, not mata. (And that’s modern Greek; Classical Greek has ophthalmos for “eye”.) It’s in Malay that mata means “eye” or “eyes”. You might recognize it in the name Mata Hari, which means, figuratively, “sun”, or, more literally, “day’s eye”.

What does Mata mean in Japan?

The Japanese word “mata” means again, once more, too, also, or moreover.

What does Mata mean in Hebrew?

Mata (Hebrew: מַטָּע, lit. Grove) is a moshav in central Israel. Located in the Jerusalem corridor near Beit Shemesh, it falls under the jurisdiction of Mateh Yehuda Regional Council.

What does Matas mean in Lithuanian?

Meaning of Matas: Name Matas in the Lithuanian, Hebrew origin, means A person who is God’s Gift. Name Matas is of Lithuanian, Hebrew origin and is a Boy name. People with name Matas are usually Judaism by religion.

Does Mata mean plant?

Explanation: Mata is not a part of a plant. It means shrub.

How do you use Mata in Japanese?

“Mata” is used to refer to events that take place or begin at a specific point in time. In English, the word “again” is a pretty close match. Let’s look at example: 僕はまた負けたね (boku wa mata maketa ne)

What language is Mata?

Mata is a programming language that looks a lot like Java and C but adds direct support for matrix programming. Mata is a compiled language, which makes it fast. You can use Mata interactively when you want to quickly perform matrix calculations, or you can use Mata when you need to write complex programs.

What does Mata mean in India?

“Mātā” (माता) is the Hindi word for “mother“, from Sanskrit matr.

Is Mata a female name?

Mata is a gender-neutral name with Aramaic roots. Closely related to the name Martha, it means “lady” or “mistress of the house.” Mata is also a surname of Spanish and Portuguese origins.

What nationality is the name Mata?

Portuguese and Spanish: habitational name from any of numerous places in Portugal and Spain named Mata, from mata ‘wood, forest’.

Is Mata a rare last name?

Mata Ranking

In the United States, the name Mata is the 1,197th most popular surname with an estimated 24,870 people with that name.

What nationality is the surname Mata?

Mata, sometimes Matta, is a Portuguese and Spanish surname.

Who are the Mata family?

The Mata Family founded The Mariachi Conservatory in 2007. Richard Mata, Esperanza Juarez, and daugthers Angelica and America Mata have performed in various community events for the City of Boyle Heights and are also members of the highly acclaimed Mariachi VoZ de America which is directed by Richard Mata.

How many people have the last name Mata?

There are 25,000 census records available for the last name Mata.

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