What does the Mater Hospital Specialise in?

We specialise in cancer, trauma, breast and craniofacial patients. We also manage skin cancers and hand problems.

How many beds Mater hospital Sydney?

Our specialties. Our 223-bed hospital includes intensive care, orthopaedic and rehabilitation wards and a large maternity unit.

Who is the owner of Mater hospital?

Mater Misericordiae Hospital was opened in 1962 by the Sisters of Mercy, a Catholic Order of Nuns originating from Ireland, three years after registering themselves as the Registered Trustees of an entity under the Perpetual Succession Act (the succeeding legislation after independence).

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What does mater stand for?

Noun. mater (plural maters or matres) (Britain, slang, now chiefly archaic or humorous) Mother.

What type of hospital is Mater Hospital?

The missionary role of the Sisters of Mercy has spread to other parts of Kenya and the Mater Hospital has become a private hospital that charges a fee-for-service to a patient population that has developed locally to a much higher level of affluence compared with other parts of Kenya.

Who owns the Mater Sydney?

Our ownership

While we’ll always value and celebrate our historical ties and strong links with our original founders the Sisters of Mercy, the canonical responsibility of Mater Misericordiae Limited (which includes Mater Foundation and Mater Research) was officially transferred to Mercy Partners on 23 April 2013.

Who is the CEO of the Mater Hospital Brisbane?

Dr Peter Steer—Chief Executive Officer – Mater Group.

Who owns Mater Private Hospital Brisbane?

It had operated for 21 years, closing departments from 2018 until final closure in 2020. After it was listed for sale in 2019, it was purchased by Queensland Health in 2020 and incorporated into the existing public health facilities.

Who owns the Mater Hospital Newcastle?

The hospital continues to provide services to the community in the Catholic tradition. Little Company of Mary Health Care (LCM Health Care) is a Catholic health care organisation with an Australia-wide reputation for high quality hospital, health, aged and community care.

Is the Mater religious?

A Catholic not-for-profit ministry of Mercy Partners, Mater is guided by the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy who first established Mater in 1906 when they built the first Mater Private Hospital.

Is there a shop in the Mater private?

Internet / WiFi: there is access to free WIFI. Please ask a staff member on the ward. Shop: there is a Spar on the corner of Dorset Street and Hardwicke Street, two minutes from Mater Private Hospital.

How many beds are in a Mater Private?

Opened in 2012, Mater Private Cork is an acute hospital located close to Cork city centre in Citygate, Mahon. More than 100 consultants provide a wide range of services in the 75-bed facility.

How much is the car park in the Mater Hospital?

The Euro Car Park in the Mater Hospital costs €3.20 per hour / €15 per day.

What is a semi private room?

Semi-private Room means a single or two-bedded, or a room with maximum double occupancy and with a shared bath / shower.

Does the Mater have a helipad?

Planning permission for the existing helipad was granted in 2016, and in 2019 a helicopter landed for the first time at the Mater, which is the national centre for heart and lung transplants, and for spinal injuries. However, the helipad was never used regularly.

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