How is Rakfisk made?

Rakfisk is a product of very different, poverty-stricken times in Norway when, pre-refrigeration, fish was soaked in airtight barrels of water and salt in autumn. Then in the depths of winter, well and truly fermented, it is taken out and – no doubt with the senses knocked out by alcohol – eaten.

How to ferment fish?

Fish are gutted, washed and salted together with dried fruit pulp or tamarind. The fish are kept covered in brine with the help of weighted mats and are fermented for 2 to 4 months.

What is a rake fish?

Rakfisk (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈrɑ̂ːkfɪsk]) is a Norwegian fish dish made from trout or char, salted and autolyzed for two to three months, or even up to a year. Rakfisk is then eaten without cooking and has a strong smell and a pungent salty flavor.

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Why is a rake called a rake?

A rake (Old English raca, cognate with Dutch hark, German Rechen, from the root meaning “to scrape together”, “heap up”) is a broom for outside use; a horticultural implement consisting of a toothed bar fixed transversely to a handle, or tines fixed to a handle, and used to collect leaves, hay, grass, etc., and in

What fish is soaked in lye?

Lutefisk—codfish (fisk) preserved in lye (lut)—is both a delicacy and a tradition among Scandinavian-Americans, who serve the chemical-soaked, gelatinous fish with a warm and friendly smile.

Is rake a type of fish?

Rake fish is a Norwegian specialty made of trout.

What is the difference between a rake and a rogue?

In romance novels, the rake is used as a term for a ladies’ man, a bon vivant and possibly a libertine while the rogue is used as a term for a scoundrel, a man considered dangerous (perhaps he is a smuggler or is thought to have murdered his first wife), a man who may be acting outside the law.

What does rake mean sailing?

RAKE. Mast rake is a measure of how far the mast is angled aft from a straight vertical. A typical mast rake ranges from one to one-and-a-half degrees on a cruising masthead rig to as much as four degrees on a fractional racing rig.

What is a rake on a boat?

The rake of a ship’s prow is the angle at which the prow rises from the water (the rake below water being called the bow rake). A motorcycle or bicycle fork rake is the angle at which the forks are angled down towards the ground.

What is the best angle for a boat propeller?

The best efficiency of the propeller is obtained at an angle of attack around 2 to 4 degrees. As the propeller spins around the crankshaft, the speed of the prop blades is fastest at the tip and slowest at the root.

What is a jackpot rake?

Jackpot rake means the amount, not to exceed $2.00, which may be taken from the pot at a player banked poker game by the retail licensee expressly to build a jackpot award. The jackpot rake may be taken in addition to the standard rake; (30-1002(19) amended, perm.

What does a 3 point rake do?

This 3-point landscape rake is great for a variety of agricultural needs. Use this lawn rake for grading, to clear rock, for soil preparation, for lawn preparation, to level your soil, spread top soil, to break up clumps of sod, and so much more.

What is a Harley rake?

A Harley rake or 3pt power rake is essentially 4 implements in 1, and yes it costs about the same or more than all 4 combined! It is a soil pulverizer: It loosens hard packed soil, and makes it light and fluffy for hand raking.

Is power raking necessary?

For cool season grasses, power raking is recommended in early fall or spring. Warm season grasses are better power raked in late spring to early summer. Because power raking does damage some healthy grass, it is important to power rake with enough growing season left for your lawn to recover.

Is a power rake worth it?

Why Should You Power Rake Your Lawn? Power raking is great for removing dead matter and aeration. Because only the thatch layer is targeted, waste is removed without damaging the healthy grass allowing faster recovery. Removing this thatch layer will enable your lawn to breath easier and root deeper.

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